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Holiday Visit

Tomorrow SD(6) is out of school for holiday break. Which means she is to stay with us until the day after christmas. A big part of me is excited. I don't work during the day so she is definetly something different for my day. However. This child has a very small attention span. She's used to being catered to by BM. She gets what, where and when she wants it. If you know what I mean. I'm all about spoiling kids, but there are limits.  

Anyways. S/O and I are having issue's with her eating. BM only feeds her exactly what she wants. We do not. We make normal meas. Meat/vegys/pasta or rice or something. You know what I mean. Well. We had been bribing her to eat with a "grab bag" item if she eats her meal with no issue's. Now. We don't give her much at all. for example. Last night we had a boxed meal of lasagna. It was pretty good. Her serving size was about half a cup. That's not much. She didn't even eat half and started in with the "My tummy hurts." which means she doesn't want to eat more, NOT a she's full. So turned to me and said,
"i'm sorry, I don't want dessert and i can't finish my dinner. "
OYE. So. we told her no dessert. She starts in with the waterworks and tries to hug us. Now, I'm not sure if this is right, but we have been telling her that she's not in trouble but that she can't have anything else. Is this correct? I mean. Normaly , this trick would  work well, but since we only have her every other weekend that's not much time to teach her. S/O tried to talk to BM last night and let her know that she told us she did not want any dessert because she was too full for dinner. He had to tell her twice that it was because she didn't like what we made and BM pretty much just shrugged it off.  How do we deal with this issue? Is this a battle that we are not going to win? I understand that children understand certain rules with certain households. I did.  PLEASE? can someone offer some tips here to help us? She doesn't want to eat anything we serve. Even if she says she likes it. THen makes a big deal then cries then runs home to mom and gets what she wants..  Not just that but we are heartbroken when we watch her get ready to head back to moms and she's sooo excited. She's not excited about being around us.. What can we do here without caving in like her mom does????
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