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Step son's temporary move

Ok so my step son, who just turned 4 in Feb. moved to Kentucky also in Feb.  My husband is deploying and while his son loves me (im the only loving woman figure in his life...his mom only likes the idea of being a mom, not the reality), he still was moved across the country from me for the year that my husband is deployed.  He figured that I was still new in the picture and that it is hard enough to understand where he is going for a year without being all alone with this new person... I honestly feel a little hurt.  I can partly understand...he is young and sensitive...He probably should be with people he has known his whole life during this confusing time...but I miss him.  It almost feels like I am not trusted, even though I know thats not it at all!!!!

My husband says that he doesnt wanna give me heart failure since all this is new to me too!  All of a sudden im a parent to a 4 year old little boy.  He is already a little person with his own opinions.  And now here I am.  BAM!  Talk about confusing.

We had a talk with him shortly before the wedding and explained that i married his Daddy and I am going to help Daddy take care of him.  He didnt come out of my belly and thats why Im a step mom and not just mom.  So he says he gets it and will ask his dad on the phone "Can I talk to my step mom now?!"

Around christmas time he ran up to me and wrapped himself around my legs and looked up at me saying, "You are the best mama ever!!!"  It brought tears to my eyes...

Wow, I went off on a tangent.  Back to the point:  So I am a little upset that I am not aloud to be with my step son during this time. I cant help but wonder if the relationship between the two of us will suffer with this seperation or if he is young enough that talking on the phone will keep our relationship where it is during this year.  Any comments?
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