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Hello! I am new to the community and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dana, and I am 25. I never wanted to be in this situation, in fact when a mutual friend tried to hook my fiance and I up, I declined because he has a daughter. Eventually I gave in though, I figured it might not work out anyway, so what is the harm in a date... we have been together (pretty much) everyday since that first date.
The situation is as follows, my lease is about to go up on my apartment and we are going to be moving in together. FH and I will be moving in together, along with his daughter, whom he has joint custody of. I have never lived with a child, I always imagined that I would learn how to parent with a baby, not a 3, almost 4 year old. I would lie if i said i wasn't concerned. I am open to any advice people are willing to give me, or just any support at all. I am sure i will be on here a lot asking for opinions.
This is already long, but i do have a first question to ask. Have you ever heard a situation was going on at the other parents house that you just did not believe was safe? How did you react to this/ what actions did you take? I don't want to come in and seem like the pushy new girl, but if someone is endangering the life of a child I have a problem with it.
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