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The Brady Bunch and Us

For all of you that have gone through the trauma of a broken family to then enter into a new, what I'll call, Co-mingled unit, you can probably relate.
Our co-mingled unit is made up of 5 individuals plus 3 animals. My offspring, Justin 14, and Marie 12, and Taboo are joined with Chris's progeny - Christopher 30, Melissa 26, Megan 24, Puppy and Princess.
The latter except Puppy are all out of the house, kinda..... Melissa has a brood of Jacob 7, and Mikey 4; and also is the keeper of Puppy. Puppy is a rotated visitation due to his bratiness between us, Melissa, and Megan.
The Brady Bunch had six kids, no pets, a housekeeper, and all resided happily under the roof. Unless you never heard the opening theme song, I would doubt that you would realize that they were a Co-mingled Unit. They were so pleasant, getting along and never showed any animosity towards their respective step parent.
Let me give you some bio stuff for your reading pleasure. This will take more than one entry, as i need to yell at Justin when he gets home. My mom always wished a kid of mine would be just like I was and I got it!!!
As I might have discussed in prior posts, I'm from Brooklyn. Brooklyn, New York that is! yup, home of the original Dodgers, egg creams, lime rickeys, 2 cents plain, The honeymooners, and of course bagels. I had hooked up with a gal from the suburbs in college, unheard of not to be with someone from the neighborhood. Spent the next 15 years of my life with her, moved out of the city, had the 2 kids, house, you know the deal, then it all fell apart. As ugly as any divorce goes, we had it.
Chris, also was married for 15 years, and she had the ugliest of divorces as well. We were both the victims, I guess, since we were cheated on. Trust is a big deal for us! she had been single for about three years when we met through a mutual acquaintance, also, by coincidence, going through the ugliest of divorces. See a theme here...... I was still separated, awaiting the blessed decree, and I'll tell you, if it wasn't for this lady, i don't think i would have made it, and more importantly, the kids probably would not have been seeing their mom today. A decision that she might be regretting today. Chris, that is - that's another journal all in itself.
Well enough for now...
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