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Wedding weekend

This Saturday was our wedding day. It turned out very little as I had imagined it... Some good, some totally messed up some outright bad. LOL.

Lets just start with saying that The last two years have had the temperature of

89 degrees. But not this year. NOooo. I was 39 degrees.  To most people, this

Wouldn't be such a bad thing. That is unless you have catered your ceremony AND Reception to being Completely OUTDOORS.  Yes, we did have a backup for weather, however It still put a total cramp on the plans of the day.  I ended up getting there later than I wanted, but that's normal right? Then, the wedding planner was there several hours late.  On my drive out there I received a call from my Cake lady, The person I rented the tables clothes from AND the florist all telling me that they would be later. The cake was the only thing there around the time it was supposed to be there. The flowers were supposed to be there at noon. They arrived after 2pm. The tables clothes arrived around that time as well, when they were supposed to be there around 11am. *sigh* Did I mention that the ceremony was supposed to start at 2pm?? Yeah.  Because of the weather everything was thrown off. People got lost or didn't come due to bad weather. 

At some point during the ceremony I heard of several people who claimed that they had new batteries in their camera's that just died. The video camera used to record everything died just before I was supposed to walk out.  My stepmother decided to claim me as her daughter, which is great sometimes, until she tries to BE my mother.  My wedding planner decided to throw a tantrum because she couldn't control everything that went on. SeVERAL people there wanted to kill her because of her issue's. My bridesmaid wanted to strangle her because she was standing around talking with nothing being done, but when my bridesmaid tried to get stuff done the planner was pissed because people were moving everything.

My Alabama family did a fantastic job. My uncle and cousin saved the day in so many ways by them digging in and fixing things. I couldn't thank them enough on Saturday and Sunday.  My cousin Kandi took lots of photo's an was my gopher for the day. She was awesome. So, all in all, being a crazy day I have to force myself to look at the positive. 

SD(6) was totally awesome. On the drive out there it was SD, Myself, my dad and step mother. SD took to my dad and my SM quickly and firmly.  All of my family loves this kid. She was so affectionate out to the ceramony that she had me tearing up. She told me a number of times that she loved me. At the rehersal she even called me "mom" and didn't correct herself. It was cute. This is great considering the we had some serious problems the last weekend we had her. We are having issue's with Lies again and her eating. The things we are using to change this, SD went home and told BM and she flipped. BM says SD is having a really hard time adjusting to the new situation but we dont' see it when she's with us. We fear that she is simply acting out to what she thinks each parent wants.. but. .anways.. enough bad. I wanted to share that SD was awesome this weekend. And so I have. heh

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